Cashew Nut Shell Liquid A Good Intermediary For Many Products

Posted by Admin on June, 29, 2015

Cashew nut is a crop which has multiple yields when taken for processing. One such product is the cashew nut shell liquid. This is naturally occurring thick syrup, which is extracted from the cashew shells, using expellers and is subsequently distilled to remove the impurities, which could interfere with the downstream processes where the liquid is used. The Distilled Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Manufacturers, therefore, employ the latest in technology in order to extract the maximum liquid from the shell and supply the best quality CNSL to their customers.

Brief Overview of the Process
The process of manufacturing cashew nut shell liquid or CNSL is more suited to medium sized enterprises, preferably close to where the cashew nuts are cultivated to save on the transportation costs. The setting up of a plant, to produce CNSL from the cashew nut shells is also not very difficultas it requires limited capital expenditure. However, the technical people employed should be fully conversant with the process. The main equipment used is an expeller, which does the job of extracting the liquid from the shell of the cashew nut. A good technology deployed can achieve an extraction of up to 20% by weight of the shells in the form of the liquid. The liquid thus obtained might have certain impurities, specifically metallic impurities, which will have to be removed through chemical treatment and the distilled cashew nut shell liquid, ready for shipment to end users, is produced. It is then packed in suitable packaging. Most units producing the cashew nut shell liquid would also be using a part of their production captively to make cashew friction dust. The rest is sold to end users, which are mainly industries.

End Uses and Applications of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid
The distilled cashew nut shell liquid goes into production of paints and varnishes and in the manufacture of epoxy resins and so on. The long list of other products that use cashew nut shell liquid as one of the main ingredients includes as friction linings, laminating resins, polyurethane based polymers, surfactants, foundry chemicals and also as intermediates for the chemical industry.

Some of the features which make this product acceptable to the above mentioned industries are that the cashew nut shell liquid:

  • Has better resistance to alkalis and acids
  • Is low-cost Phenol
  • Polymerization happens much faster and more complete
  • Has better impact resistance and flexibility
  • Is more soluble in organic solvents
  • It displays good electrical and water resistance

It is therefore a large base of customers that the distilled cashew nut shell liquid manufacturers cater to.

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