Cashew Friction Dust- Essential Component To Make Brakes Stronger

Posted by Admin on May, 30, 2019

Cashew Friction dust is cross-linked Phenolic Polymers derived from cashew nut shell liquid by using a special process to give the desired friction properties. Cashew friction particles are specialty products used as additives in the manufacturing of friction material like

• Brake Linings,

• Disc Brake Pads,

• Railway Brake Blocks and

• Clutch Facings etc.

In order to stabilize the friction level.

These help to endure higher than normal temperatures produced by repeated brake stops, at the same time, help to decrease the overall pad hardness to keep compressibility within the desired range.

Cashew friction particle is used in disc pad brakes and drum linings as a stabilizing agent. These particles have a resilient nature which cushions the engaging property of a piece of lining.

Process of manufacturing cashew friction dust

CNSL is fractionated in a procedure identical to the distillation of petroleum with two primary end products:

• solids that are ground and used as friction particle for brake linings, and

• Amber -colored liquid aminated to form phenalkamine curing agents and resin modernizers.

Properties of Cashew friction dust:

Friction dust is crisscrossed linked product obtained from the reaction of cashew nut shell liquid with different aldehyde donors like

Formaldehyde/hexamine/ Para-Formaldehyde

In order to achieve the desired friction dust properties.

Mostly it is a phenol-formaldehyde resin, which is polymerized and re-joined with any one of the aldehyde donors. It is then made to the powdered form of various standard mesh sizes.

The benefit of using friction particles: Friction Dust improves wear and fades resistance, decomposing at various elevated temperatures thereby providing good flexibility and thermal stability in friction materials.

Friction dust is added to modify frictional and wear properties of the brake linings. An increase of 30-40 % in wear upgrading is anticipated. It also benefits in decreasing the fade value and dropping the sound level. Hence, gives the brake lining enhanced life and noiseless braking action.

How is it better than conventional material?

The conventional material was found to give serious problems this is suspected to catch fire during shipments. Hence it's export market has eroded greatly. So this friction dust was developed. It comes with improved thermal stability and better resistance to flammability compared to the tradition material.


• Improved impact properties and reduced fade by dispersing heat faster than phenol-formaldehyde resins

• Decomposition on the surface of a lining takes place at various elevated temperatures which control the wear and offers a protective device by prohibiting excessive temperature from being developed

• Improved skid resistance and low brake noise

• The best friction converters out of all improved phenolic offering impact resistance, flexibility, thermal stability

• Great water repellence, required in wet condition

• Cold Weather- CF resins give rise to a softer material, which is more efficient in 'cold weather'

• Hot Weather- Modified friction dust for applications in 'hot wear' conditions.

Where to buy them? There are many Cashew Friction Dust Manufacturers in India that offer high-quality products online as well. Here are their salient features:

1. Develop the sample/product

2. Expert In-house testing

3. Finalization of the product

4. Mass production as per the requirement

5. Quality Checks at different levels

6. Easy accessibility to raw material

7. Strong client network in India

8. Use premium packaging material

9. Dispatching the product timely

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